Zoe – First few days

So we picked up the Zoe on Christmas Eve without issue (although the salesman ‘forgot’ that he offered me more than the settlement figure on my Kia trade-in but after a quick reminder, he wrote out a cheque for the difference). Without having a charger at home and with it being Christmas, we haven’t been out in it much.

Yesterday however, I thought I’d head out to test it would charge. There are a few public charging points in Arbroath so I headed to the one in the harbour with a buddy riding shotgun as he was interested in how it all worked. Plugging in and starting a charge worked perfectly but trying to get it to stop! Now bear in mind I am a tight fisted so, so I was going to pay £20 for a ChargeYourCar RFID card to use their chargers – I just use the app – but I may change my mind!

We tried everything to take the charging cable out of the charger but the unit seemed to think it was still charging. Oh, and it was pissing down so I was getting angrier, more frustrated and generally pissed off whilst getting soaking and trying to get the damn cable out. Google didn’t help so much but just as I was about to give it a big ‘Fuck This’ and starting kicking the damn thing, I noticed a ‘recent activity’ tab on the Android App – hidden in there was a big red ‘Stop Charge’ button which released the cable. Why the hell the big red ‘Stop Charge’ button wasn’t in the same place as the big green ‘Start Charge’ button, I’ll never know. Sure that if I had spent the money on the card, a quick swipe would have done the same.

Anyway, it charges fine and I just need to wait for my home charger install and will be up and running. Need to head out somewhere in it so may head to Dundee at some point and take advantage of the free on-street parking for charging EV’s!

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