Father, husband, digital Producer, game Producer, business owner, Round Tabler, gamer, football fan and general all-round, grumpy old sod…

I’ve been creating games for over 20 years starting at Sony Psygnosis as Producer before moving to Electronic Arts and Visual Science as a Development Manager. Since 2006 I have been running my own games development business first at Cohort Studios (2006-2012) and then Gamify Consultancy (2011-) and Binary Pumpkin (2012-). During the years I have been fortunate to work on many different products including numerous versions of Formula 1, Harry Potter, Colony Wars and Medal of Honor. As well as console titles, I have worked on many mobile and social games over the years.

After 20 years I left the games industry and moved into education. Now working for Dundee and Angus College as an International Project Lead and also looking after the brand new Incubator facility we have and the businesses within.

Married to the wonderfully patient Sarah for 16 years and father to the pretty awesome Megan for 18 years. After being born and bred in Liverpool, we moved up the seaside town of Arbroath in Scotland back in 1999 for work purposes. We are still here!

I am an Everton fan and ex season ticket holder, however to get my football fix and give the family a few hours without me hanging around, I now have a season ticket for my local team Arbroath whose claim to fame is both having the ground closest to the sea (about 10 feet) and also having the highest winning margin (36-0). One aspect to the former is that even in the summer it is freezing cold. Damn good pies though!

A few years ago I decided I needed to give something back to society and joined my local Round Table. As a group of guys we enjoy the friendship as well as the fundraising we do together. We tend to talk complete nonsense and get drunk far too often, but we still raise many thousands each year that we donate to local good causes within the town.